After successfully operating in the hospitality sector for nearly 5 years, Frella was founded as the culmination of our products to cater to the wider audience with a single stop solution to ensure we control our approach, practices and employ tech in both our vertical and horizontal integrations across all functions.

Using tech and the innovative mindset of our youth, our goal is to offer our clients and customers the perfect solution to their culinary/hospitality needs.
Controlling our processes, structures and major resources affords us the opportunity to control our narrative and create an eco-system of problem solving and innovation.

Co-Founder – Zaraye.co

“At Frella, our community is rooted into the core of our practices. We believe it as our responsibility to upheld our promise of providing the best user experiences to anyone that interacts with the brand.
Uniting our practices with the community at the core, our goal is to employ tech into our practices, reshaping the way consumers interact with hospitality concepts throughout their user journey, taking Frella and the industry into a new sphere of excellent service.”

Former Head of Brands – Red Bull Pakistan





“A personal experience and dream came to light with Frella as the cornerstone of how we want to take the culinary and hospitality industry forward, in Pakistan and the World.
Our goal is to achieve excellence in execution, use innovative practices to develop an efficient system that supports the front and back-end of the business as a whole. We aim to employ new technology and empower our youth to dare and challenge norms in order to find true solutions and gain a stronghold inside the industry, moving it forward.”

Co-Founder – Zaraye.co

Former PWC – UK

“After spending years in the industry from starting as a dishwasher, to Executive Chef, I have been able to grasp a firm understanding of what happens inside the kitchen.
Using the learnings and the 4 years at Caffe Praha, it is now time to take Frella to the top, by innovations and exceptional workplace practices, that help change our audience’s understanding and taste pallets, making us the top hospitality company in Pakistan and expand our footprint across the world.”

Former Head Chef – Mews, Arbor & Rookie Judge at the Emirates Culinary Guild