About Us

We are Frella

Frella is a group dedicated to create the finest hospitality concepts, focusing on our core principals of keeping our community at the forefront. Our goal is to become the leading restauranteurs of Pakistan and put Pakistan on the map by launching internationally, empower our youth and drive the culinary industry of Pakistan forward. Our experience and learning has inspired us to introduce a global concept from Pakistan, bringing about a local face into the global culinary industry.

Frella focuses on being Big, Bold & Fearless in our quest to experiment with numerous possibilities within the hospitality industry, to inspire and inculcate inspiration for the future of
Food Culture. We aim to use technology to develop, improve and enhance our concepts & processes in our determination to grow the overall user experience with our brands.


With the official launch of Caffe Praha on 23rd March 2018, Managing Director Hashair Ahmedani and his team introduced the concept of Chimney’s to Pakistan. Inspired by the city of Prague, the mall kiosk concept made waves across Karachi in winning customers and increasing the demand for a Café in one of the key restaurant hotspots in Karachi. With its simple, elegant design, mixed with pink color pallets and a unique, comfortable vibe, Caffe Praha was able to become one of the top eateries in Karachi. The experiment of introducing savory chimneys in Pakistan made Caffe Praha stand out amongst the existing clutter, while offering freshly roasted coffees to its audience.

Fast forward 4 years and Frella is now home to one of the most diversified portfolios of culinary Brands in Pakistan – Caffe Praha, Siroc, Flourence Bakehouse & Grao Coffee Company. Staying true to the goal of experimenting with numerous concepts and possibilities, the goal is to grow further with 10 new venues across Pakistan and internationally by 2024.