Our Brands


Caffe Praha was the first revolution and had exceeding expectations to perform in order for the greater brand to prosper and pave the way for our other brands to initiate and grow.

Our unique concepts and design, coupled with our chimney concept and freshly roasted coffee, Caffe Praha became a slam dunk, opening two further shops in the span of 4 years in the key hotspots of Karachi.

The loyal customer base and demand for the products at Caffe Praha allowed us to explore opportunities in other cities of Pakistan, with potential outlets in Lahore & Islamabad in the next 2 years.


Our own take on the Middle Eastern fusions, Siroc addressed to a wider audience of restaurants, offering a distinctive taste in the otherwise standard Middle Eastern Cuisines.

Opening in December 2021, Siroc had to break the clutter of existing Middle Eastern eateries in Pakistan, and played a major role in food innovations and experimentations to create our own taste.

It’s elegant interior and Greek inspiration, allowed Siroc to become the perfect social hub for Karachi customers, offering cozy spots in its establishment and changing the taste pallets of the traditional Pakistani consumer.


An advent of necessity, Flourence bakehouse was established to uplift the quality of breads we serve at our restaurant. With complete integration for the menu of our products, Flourence Bakehouse intrigued the Pakistani audiences with its flavorful tastes and freshness.


Initiated on a smaller scale with Caffe Praha, GRAO Coffee Company was solely purposed to offer freshly roasted coffees to Caffe Praha’s customers. It helped and supported Caffe Praha develop its loyal customer base and grew the Pakistani audience’s interest in the coffee product. With more interest in coffee, other coffee brands entered the market, developing the industry further.

In the meanwhile, the growth of Caffe Praha due to its coffee intrigued local buyers in taking interest and getting direct supply, opening a B2B channel for GRAO Coffee Roasters to become an independent entity in the coffee market, supplying to some of the top Coffee brands in Karachi, Pakistan.