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Value Investing Online: Making Intelligent Investment Decisions

value investing live online course

The content is accessible and designed to help students become unstoppable value investors. The practice of value investing is flexible and tactical. It uses techniques that are specific to the problem at hand and extends to investments beyond public equities. Are there preferred pricing options available for live online programs? Yes, preferred pricing is available for groups of two or more. Participants in Value Investing program are exposed to an intense introduction to value investing, taught by thought leaders in the field.

The course covers a wide range of topics, including how to pick high earnings potential stocks, analyze financial statements, evaluate a company’s financial capacity and future prospects, and calculate intrinsic value. Additionally, the course teaches students how to build a low-risk wealth-building investment portfolio, diversify their money to reduce risks, and protect their money while building long-term wealth. Value Investing is a financial strategy that focuses on identifying undervalued stocks and investing in them for long-term gains. With the advent of digital learning, online courses have become a popular way for individuals to learn more about Value Investing.

Preferred Pricing and Tuition Benefits for Alumni

A huge surge in consumer spending, especially in the travel space, pushed the market in June. Carnival (CCL), a cruise line operator, saw its shares rally 67.7% in June — topping all other S&P 500 stocks. Centene, a Saint Louis, Mo-based managed care company, saw its shares surge 11.7% during September. The Health Care Select Sector SPDR Fund (XLV) sank 3.4% during the month. Only the Energy Select Sector SPDR ETF (XLE) rose, by 1.7%, in the month. Just two stocks in the S&P 500 rose 10% or more in the month.

  • The course content is divided into five sections, including Introduction, The Essential of Value Investing, The Step-by-Step Value Investing Process, The Final Things, and Conclusion.
  • We’ll give you tools and strategies to collect and analyze information as well as an integrated framework that teaches you how to identify opportunities for investment that others may miss.
  • Any completed program, regardless of format (live online, in-person, or online), will count towards the Certificate in Business Excellence.
  • Columbia Business School has a great team that includes Tano, Nielsen, and Leo.
  • John Mihaljevic and his brother Oliver have traveled the globe to interview hundreds of successful fund managers.

If you are interested in taking a course that can teach you how to make intelligent investment decisions, then this program from Columbia Business School can be the ideal choice for you. This program is specially designed for investors and corporate decision-makers who want to learn the most successful investment strategies. There are eight different modules for this program, each of which will teach you a unique approach toward value investment with real-world examples.

Best Value Investing Courses to Learn Online in 2022

It can also be time-consuming, especially when one does not know where to start. The program addresses this by providing workable methods, investing metrics and criteria, and a whole system for finding fundamentally strong businesses. This online program is designed to give you a strong foundation in the value investing process. We’ll give you tools and strategies to collect and analyze information as well as an integrated framework that teaches you how to identify opportunities for investment that others may miss. There will be no examinations or grades for our live online programs. Any completed executive education program, regardless of format (live-online, in-person, or online), will count towards the Certificate in Business Excellence.

This approach is designed to help you practice your learnings. Your certificate journey will start with your first program, and you have 4 years to complete your CIBE. You may register for any of our executive education programs on each program page.

Program Modules

Our approach to this program is to teach the core value investing concepts and then take the learners through in-depth case studies where they will apply these concepts. Key components include video lectures, case studies, and application exercises, so the methods are put to use with real-world company examples. Every two weeks, participants learn a new set of concepts and have multiple opportunities to apply the learning. Upon completion of this program, you will earn three credits towards a certificate with select alumni and tuition benefits.

value investing live online course

This course is entirely asynchronous and comes with full lifetime access to course materials and resources. Reviewing a PayPal case study, learn about the payments industry, and understand the importance of economic, industry, and business factors in valuation to reach an informed assessment of a technology stock. Nevertheless, if you are an experienced value investor who wants to improve your skills, you will not need these introductory investing courses. For over a decade I have been studying in detail how the best investors in the world are able to consistently earn mind-boggling returns on the stock market. Real-life case studies and screencasts are used to show students step-by-step how to become a great investor, with the goal of enabling individuals to put what they learn into practice immediately.

The program’s Faculty Director Tano Santos

Can I add the Certificate in Business Excellence to LinkedIn? We will provide you with instructions on how to add your certificate to your LinkedIn profile after you become a Certificate recipient. Once you become a certificate recipient, you will join the greater alumni community at Columbia Business School. – Each course, specialization, or tutorial is designed by the world’s best instructors and universities like Harvard, Stanford, Columbia, etc.

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